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Bringing back the love 

Mikkey's embodies a powerful blend of family values, inspiration, and community connection, creating a space where the essence of old-school hip-hop influences a new era of positivity.


Our FTHM (For The Hood Mikk) campaign will be a commendable effort to sow seeds of love and inspiration back into our neighborhoods, bridging the gap through good food, nostalgic design, and hip-hop.


Exciting times ahead for Mikkey's and the communities we aim to impact!


Coming to a hood near you!


Crafting the Perfect Burger

At Mikkey's Retro Grill, we take pride in our kitchen and the quality of our food. Our team of skilled chefs work tirelessly to ensure that every burger, wing, fry, and milkshake is crafted to perfection. We use only the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients to create our unique flavor profiles and ensure that every bite is a memorable one. Come see for yourself why Mikkey's Retro Grill is the ultimate destination for burger and wing lovers!

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